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    Version 2

    Version 2.0.4 - 11-09-2023

    • Add support for 'all' rows pagination option

    • Added muiPaginationProps.SelectProps support back to allow for native select

    Version 2.0.3 - 11-06-2023

    • Locale updates

    Version 2.0.2 - 11-01-2023

    • Fixed bug with popover filters null ref focus

    Version 2.0.1 - 10-31-2023

    • Fixed bug where edit row action menu was created for all editDisplayModes

    • Fixed rest spread on table head row

    • Changed pagination text to a span instead of with hardcoded 0 margin and padding

    Version 2.0.0 - 10-27-2023

    • Made MaterialReactTable a named export instead of a default export.

    • Made @mui/x-date-pickers a required peer dependency.

    • Added new useMaterialReactTable hook to replace the need for the tableInstanceRef prop.

    • Now exporting all MRT_* sub-components and utility functions from material-react-table package to allow for easier building of custom UIs in headless mode.

    • Added createMRTColumnHelper utility function to help with creating columns with slightly more type-safety.

    • Added new mrtTheme table option to allow for changing some basic mui theme colors that are hard to target with CSS or the mui theme provider.

    • Added new layoutMode: 'grid-no-grow' option for better column resizing behavior.

    • Improved column resizing UI.

    • Added new columnFilterDisplayMode option to allow for different filter UIs.

    • Added new createDisplayMode table option to allow for different create/editing UIs. Added new functionality for creating new rows in the table.

    • Renamed editMode prop to editDisplayMode table option.

    • Added new paginationDisplayMode option to allow for different pagination UIs.

    • Added new rowPinningDisplayMode table option and row pinning features.

    • Added new "autocomplete" filterVariant.

    • Added new "date" filterVariant.

    • Added new "date-range" filterVariant.

    • Added new loading overlay UI features when isLoading or showLoadingOverlay are true Progress bars no longer show when isLoading is true.

    • Changed the default sort icon and show it as visible with a low opacity by default in table header cells.

    • Changed the filter label icon to show before the sort icon in table header cells.

    • Changed the default global filter search box UI to be compact and outlined.

    • Changed edit text field UI to be more compact by default.

    • Changed the default rowNumberDisplayMode to "static".

    • Changed how the full screen table UI works internally. (No more mui full screen dialog, just simple CSS)

    • Upgraded to TanStack Table v8.10.7

    • Upgraded to TanStack Virtual v3.0.0-beta.68

    • Renamed options

      • editingMode -> editDisplayMode

      • rowNumberMode -> rowNumberDisplayMode

      • enablePinning -> enableColumnPinning and enableRowPinning

      • virtualizerInstanceRef split into columnVirtualizerRef and rowVirtualizerRef

      • virtualizerProps split into columnVirtualizerOptions and rowVirtualizerOptions

      • columnVirtualizerProps -> columnVirtualizerOptions

      • rowVirtualizerProps -> rowVirtualizerOptions

      • muiTablePaginationProps -> muiPaginationProps

      • muiTableBodyCellCopyButtonProps -> muiCopyButtonProps

      • muiTableBodyCellEditTextFieldProps -> muiEditTextFieldProps

      • muiTableBodyCellSkeletonProps -> muiSkeletonProps

      • muiTableBodyRowDragHandleProps -> muiRowDragHandleProps

      • muiTableDetailPanelProps -> muiDetailPanelProps

      • muiTableHeadCellColumnActionsButtonProps -> muiColumnActionsButtonProps

      • muiTableHeadCellDragHandleProps -> muiColumnDragHandleProps

      • muiTableHeadCellFilterCheckboxProps -> muiFilterCheckboxProps

      • muiTableHeadCellFilterTextFieldProps -> muiFilterTextFieldProps

      • muiTableHeadCellFilterSliderProps -> muiFilterSliderProps

      • MRT_FilterFnsState -> MRT_ColumnFilterFns

      • MaterialReactTableProps -> MRT_TableOptions

      • MRT_FullScreenToggleButton => MRT_ToggleFullScreenButton

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    Version 1

    See the old V1 Changelog


    Version 2 Roadmap (2023)

    Material React Table V2 was a big release months in the making that mostly focussed on the new useMaterialReactTable hook and paradigms. New features will be added and many bug fixes around virtualization compatibility with advanced features will be prioritized first.

    A lighter weight useMaterialReactTableLight hook is also being considered in the near future that will be a bit more bare-bones and tree-shakable. All features will be opt-in and will not be enabled by default.